Life After a Physics BS

The Job Market

What skills do you have?

What kinds of jobs are there?

* AIP: Physics Is For You: the wheel (of fortune?)

* Science Buddies
* What do Physicists Do?

* Big bucks for physicists
* Where Physics Bachelors Work
* What's a bachelor's degree worth?
* Typical Starting Salaries
* AIP: Physics Trends Flyers
* AIP: Statistics
* NSF: Science & Engineering Statistics
* Bureau of Labor Statistics

How can I find appropriate jobs?

* AIP: Who's Hiring Physics Bachelors (by state)
* Physics Today jobs
* APS Career Center

General Resources

* SPS: Careers Using Physics
* AIP: Career Resources
APS: Careers in Physics
* Institute of Physics: Careers
* Sloan Career Cornerstone Center
* AAS Career Services

Graduate School

What's involved?

Hard work!
typically 2 yr for MS, 2-4 yr more for PhD

gain deeper knowledge, more experience, more independence
opens doors to more jobs

How do you choose the right school for you?

Consider: Advice: To help make the final choice:
General Resources:

* Graduate Programs in Physics & Astronomy (AIP)
* (AIP)
* Cornell - timeline and FAQ
* google "how to choose grad school" (e.g.