Astronomy Resources on the Web

General Resources

* The Astronomy Cafe


* Tour of the Solar System
* The Sun
* Messier Deep Sky Objects
* Hubble Space Telescope Images
* Astronomy Picture of the Day
* Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
* NASA Photo Gallery
* NSSDC Photo Gallery (National Space Science Data Center)

Other Interesting Sites

* NASA home page
* NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab
* Sky and Telescope Magazine
* Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Special Topics

* Eclipse Home Page
* World's Largest Telescopes
* New Horizons mission to Pluto and beyond
* Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars Page
* LIGO and Gravitational Waves
* Cosmology tutorial

Local Sites

* BGSU Planetarium
* BGSU Dept. of Physics & Astronomy